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Trades You Need to Read2-20-09
Green Arrow Quiver by Kevin Smith
It would take a lot to get me to read Green Arrow. The character never drew me in. An aristocrat that decides to become really good at using an arrow. Not that interesting. So when Kevin Smith said he was going to write Green Arrow I didn’t really care that much. But I still read it. And I was blown away. Kevin Smith on Green Arrow is one of the best superhero books I had ever read. The characterization of Ollie Queen as a smart-ass is perfect, but what really brings this book to great status is his interaction with the other super-heroes.

For those that don’t follow Green Arrow continuity – he was dead. Got all blowed up! This is the book where he came back from the dead. The reaction of the Justice League and his reaction to them is priceless. Especially Batman. ESPECIALLY Batman! Green Arrow and Batman are flying to the “Arrowcave” and Batman says “Good lord man - - did you ever have an original thought back then?” The back and forths between Batman and Green Arrow make you feel like these guys are friends, or at least like each other. They get in an argument over which one had a more pompous aristocratic life style growing up.

The books that always attract me the most are books where people interact with each other in a realistic way. Batman and Superman going harrumph at each other for an entire issue is boring and lame. The Green Arrow book has interactions that are fluid and natural, which is, sad to say, rare in comics. Green Arrow is as much about Green Arrow’s circle of friends as it is about Green Arrow. Green Arrow II (Green Arrow’s son), Speedy, Black Canary, and Hal Jordan are all major characters in this book, and their interaction with each other is way more revealing of character than if they all just beat up some bad guy and slapped each other on the back.

This book is followed by one more book by Kevin Smith, which is quite good, and then by a run by Brad Meltzer, which is one of the best comics ever. So despite Green Arrow being a character I have no interest in, he’s ended up in some of my favorite comics ever, and if you read these books, they’ll be some of yours too.

- Geoffrey Jr.

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